In Memory

Linda Langone

Linda's son was 2 years old when she passed away. She died from health issues. We will miss you!

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08/05/08 02:44 PM #1    

Janet Jordan

The last time I saw Linda was for my 25th birthday party. We'd lost touch since then and I'm just stunned to learn of her passing. I had really been looking forward to seeing her in November.

In high school and right after we used to go bowling with our boyfriends or to the beach. The 4 of us used to spend a lot of time skiing, too (or rather the guys skied and we watched.

I do remember a few hysterical times out @ the lake @ night - one time a little tipsey and "stuck" in the backseat of my car together (the guys said we were talking so much so I switched seats w/Billy). I started feeling bad and I couldn't get out. She was pushing me from behind and my BF was pulling me (it was a 2 door)by my arm to get me out. When I got out the whole backseat came loose and fell on Linda... all she did was laugh!

Just silly times and with Linda there was always a big smile and lots of laughter! I'm deeply saddened to learn of her passing. I will always remember her smile and contagious laugh!

I imagine that Linda is laughing with the angels now!

Love ya girl!


08/07/08 03:55 PM #2    

Sarah Lamaster

I will miss you Linda. I can't believe you are gone. I have a lot of great memories with you and will not forget our friendship. Sarah

11/19/08 08:05 AM #3    

Kathryn Simpson

I thought a lot about Linda during the reunion, and miss her very much. I was close to Linda in her last days, and babysat her son, Jamie, while she worked. She adored Jamie so much! I still think of her often. She had a wonderful smile and love of life that she shared with all who knew her.

09/03/10 02:05 AM #4    

Phillip Garnett

Hey Linda, it's me Philip. i actually heard about you passing away through an old friend of mine (ours) Randy G. (class of '82) about 3 years ago. I'd have never guessed  that night you noticed me outside the Empire nightclub (Ybor City - around '96 or '97) would be the last time i'd see you or speak to you. We had some fun times at school and away from school. You wanted to hang out with me after a football game or band practice one night in '81. Your friend Stacy C. (class of '82) was your ride that night and she ended up meeting my friend Mike E. (class of '81) - we were all hangin' out at his house. They were later married and had a child together - crazy! We both had our shorts pulled down to our ankles (separate occasions though...) during marching band practice by those sneaky and dastardly seniors! Those were some of the best days of our lives and i did'nt even know it till later. You were pretty and had a sweet personality. You were ALWAYS nice to me. Even though we never slow danced i'm gonna pick a classy song for you anyways -  I hope you like it... - XO!

10/24/12 11:18 PM #5    

Kathryn Simpson

Lovely tribute Phil.  

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