In Memory

James Tymchuk

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09/16/08 04:08 PM #5    

John Frayne

Miss you Brother!!! John Frayne

10/14/08 12:52 AM #6    

Shelley DeFelice (Butler)

You were the first boy I ever kissed. I remember it well... at Clarissa's house. I was so nervous that I asked you to hide behind the chair so nobody could see :) but you made me feel comfortable and stopped after that. What a gentleman! It broke my heart when I heard of your death. I think of you often and miss you so much!! We all miss you!!-Shelley DeFelice Butler

11/13/08 08:01 PM #7    

Jeffrey Dyer

Tymchuk I think of you often, I and we all miss you so much. You were a great friend and great guy.

08/31/09 10:30 PM #8    

Joseph Stinson

Tymchuk and I grew up together, back when the world was limited by how far your bicycle could carry you. He and I and Fidencio Bravo used to hang out and get into and out of whatever we could.

I wanted to relate a story, a fond memory, but as I sit here they just keep coming in a rush--so I will limit it to three:

When I would spend the night at his house, Tymchuk and I used to go with his dad in that old blue van real late at night down Indian Mound Road, chasing armadillos. His dad would drive until the headlights shone on one scooting across the road, and then he would slam on the brakes and yell "Go! Go! Go!" We would all pile out, including his dad, and chase that thing crashing through the bushes and palmettos--thank God we never caught one! Looking back at it now, as a dad, I realize just how neat that was for him to get off the couch and get involved in his son's life. Sometimes, to a kid, the more ridiculous it is the better.

I remember one time around Halloween I had bought an old man mask, the kind that covered your entire head and looked pretty realistic (to a ten year old). My neighbor growing up was Carlos Tatum, whom some of you may know-he's about three years younger than us, and the reason he's so tough is because he was the youngest one in the neighborhood. Anyway, one night my brother and I told Carlos that some old man had been coming around and messing with the mail. We enlisted Tymchuk to put the mask on, and as we hid behind the car he came down the street just like we had talked about, digging in the mailboxes. When he got right next to the car, though, he started to veer from the plan--he came at us, and growled "Hey! Whattaya doin there?!" Man, Carlos jumped up and took off faster than I had ever seen anybody move before. Tymchuk and I went to his house and knocked on the door--twelve seconds after he had gone inside--and he was already in his pajamas!

The final thing I'll share is one time we were taking turns pulling each other, with one riding a bike and the other on a skateboard, hanging on to a rope. It was my turn on the bike, and I was giving it all I had--I mean I was cranking! I heard Tymchuk behind me yelling "Slow down!" but I would just yell back at him "Let go!" I figured if he ever got going too fast all he had to do was let go of the rope, right? Well, he didn't let go, and I kept speeding up, and finally he came off the skateboard--and darned if he STILL didn't let go! I must have drug him at least fifteen feet. It wasn't pretty. Any of you who have ever seen serious road rash, this was it. He wasn't wearing a shirt, just shorts, and he was blood and gravel from his forehead to his toes. We decided right away that we should get him home, so he jumped up on my handlebars and I began the two-block ride. I got up a pretty good head of steam, and as we rounded the final corner to his house he sees his dad in the front yard. Now his dad had given him specific instructions not to be riding on the handlebars, because he didn't want him to get hurt, so what does he do? He jumps off! In mid-air he yells to me something about "Ooh, my dad!" and I hit the brakes. Well naturally he hit the asphalt, face-first, and I ran right up on top of him before bringing my bike to a stop. Needless to say, when Tymchuk's dad looked over and saw me parked on top of his bloody kid he was not happy!

Jim Tymchuk was the kind of genuine guy that could occupy a spot in your heart--that's why there is a hole there when he is gone.

10/25/09 08:27 AM #9    

Janet Jordan

Although I've already written about my memories and feelings for Tymchuk, this is the 1st time I've read some of the comments from others. They've brought a smile to my face and just makes me realize how lucky we all were to have known such a wonderful guy! I still think of him - every time we have a reunion or a get together - I imagine him being there with all of us. That smile and that laugh - and come to think about it I remember that twinkle in his eyes. I can only hope that his son knows what a wonderful father he had and how much he is still loved and missed!

Just thinking of you Jim!


11/25/09 04:23 PM #10    

Kimberly Rutledge (Stohler)

Tymchuck, I wanted to go to your funeral so badly but I heard about your death too late. I cried so hard and I still have your funeral notice in my yearbook. I remember you and Mike Ritchie having such fun times when we went out. Good times...I miss you

12/10/09 12:18 AM #11    

Charles Rising

while i did not know him growing up. I did have the fortune to meet him and be a friend to him., he always had a smile that made you want to smile in return. I will miss him very much and it saddens me to think that the world is at a loss. now for his presance will surely be missed by all that have known him! REST IN PEACE OLE FRIEND.AND MAY YOU WATCH OVER US ALL.

10/19/11 09:25 AM #12    

Paul Strickland

tymchuk miss u man i remeber good times at forrest hills L L.we were just kids.friends at adams & chamberlain.

12/12/11 11:24 PM #13    

Robert Menendez

I just learned of Jims passing. How sad I am. Jim was a good friend and team mate on the wrestling team.

god bless you and RIP

05/28/18 04:55 PM #14    

Janice Hevel (Wilder)

It’s been too many years since you passed and I still think about you. The years you would come over to put the batteries in the toys for my mom and then try them all out to make sure they all worked. Driving around in your sunbird just talking. I hope your son was told what an awesome guy you were. Loved you now. Loved you ten. Always in my heart. Thankful to of had you in my life. 

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